Wedding Celebrant Mount Eliza – Wedding Planning New Year’s Resolutions for Every Couple

 1.  Get Your Guest List Finalised 

I know it may not be the easiest part of the planning process, but getting your guest list in order is a major component of planning your wedding.

You will want your Guest List mostly sorted before you book your ceremony or reception. The last thing you want is to put forward a non-refundable deposit for a quiet and cosy reception which seats up to 80 guests or less, but by the time you have listed all your guests that conservative figure of 80 has now been bumped dramatically to 250! The best idea is to sit down with your partner and decide whether you are going to have a small medium or large wedding. Agree on the number of guests, then start the list. Once you both have come to an agreement, then you can progress forward.


2. Do not feel guilty about having an adults-only wedding.

I can’t stress enough that this is YOUR wedding, everything you decide on should make you feel happy. Whether you are concerned about screaming children running a muck up and down the aisle or it’s simply not in your budget, please do not feel bad if you don’t wish to invite kids.


3. No matter what, always look on the bright side

What’s a wedding if there aren’t a few hiccups? Look, in my experience, there is always a few things that will go wrong, whether it is small or large, it will happen! Just remember they are mishaps and truly out of your hands. At that moment in time, it may seem like the worst thing ever, but really these little mishaps can turn into unexpected memories and hilarious stories for your future grandkids!

4. Trust the vendors.

It is your big day and I fully understand the need for managing every aspect, but I do urge you to try to remember one thing when it comes to your vendors, you are paying them for their expertise. So try not to micromanage, use their years of experience as an opportunity to pass the reins and relax. Your vendors will be striving to achieve the best results – If you are happy, you are more likely to recommend their services along.

With my help, expertise, information, and guidance there are so many possibilities, together we can make your ceremony the most memorable event of your life.

Karinne Alp Celebrant – a registered marriage celebrant with over 30 years of public speaking experience.

Vibrant, articulate and with a quick wit, Karinne’s delivery is clear, concise and engaging.

To complement these verbal skills, Karinne is an excellent writer, coordinator, and planner and ensures that every ceremony is created and choreographed to meet and surpass all expectations!

All there is left to do is to relax and enjoy the experience on that special day.

“Whether you’ve just set the date or have specific ideas, make your ceremony an unforgettable and intimate moment that touches hearts and leaves memories that last a lifetime.

Let us meet to discuss how together, we can make your ceremony distinctively yours…….Our first meeting is free and with no obligation!”

Wedding Celebrant Mount Eliza

Wedding Celebrant Mount Eliza

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